Hello, internet friend!

Welcome to my homepage! Here you'll find some things I do, have done, and places I am...

I'm currently a software engineer/tech lead in the Android team at SwiftKey, a Microsoft company. Previously I was The Client Team at Last.fm, ask me how I'd do everything differently now, and a software engineer in the calendar team at Symbian, an expired, but fondly remembered mobile operating system.

I made Android and iOS chromecast remote control apps for spacedentist.tv. I run a private Last.fm collaborative radio chat room for my friends called Client Room Radio. I created Mobbler, a Last.fm radio player and scrobbler for Nokia/Symbian Series 60 smartphones. I made the now defunct Setlist Scrobbler at a Music Hack Day in London so long ago that it's not on their website anymore.

I'm into swimming and cycling and you'll be able to find my activities on Strava. You'll also find me in all the usual internet places such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

What's the story with the ffey.co domain? I'm glad you asked! It's a fun vanity domain I can use as an app developer. For example, if I create an app called Michael and use the sub-domain michael.ffey.co, when I then use reverse domain name notiation to create any app ids or Java packages I need I get co.ffey.michael. Cool, eh? I told you it was fun!